08/09/2022 – Osann

Storchenmühle is back

Storchenmühle is appearing again at Kind + Jugend: after an intensive development phase, the brand is back on the market with its first product line under the ownership of Osann GmbH.


Under Osann’s ownership, Storchenmühle’s traditional history as a car seat and pram producer carries on. © Storchenmühle


The ‘Niki start’ i-size is suitable for newborn babies from day 1. © Storchenmühle


The story of Storchenmühle starts in 1949 when it was a family business in the cellar of Irmgard and Hans-Joachim Kauffmann. Its claim to be a pioneer in the field of child car seats goes back to 1963: at a time when cars did not even have seat belts, the company launched ‘Niki’, the first child car seat in the world. Further important developments followed, including for example the first reboarding system on the German market. Now, visitors to the Osann stand at the fair can look forward to four new children’s car seats:

‘Niki start’

The ‘Niki start’ i-size is suitable for newborn babies and grows with them until they reach a height of 105 cm. Its ability to rotate through 360° makes it easy for parents to put the child into and out of the seat, while four adjustable sitting and reclining positions keeps the child comfortable in the car. The soft upholstered inlay can be removed once space in the seat starts getting tight.

‘Niki start M’

The ‘Niki start M’ i-size car seat (61 to 105 cm) can be used as a follow-on from the classic infant carrier or an alternative i-size car seat from 40 cm upwards. It can similarly be rotated through 360° and comes with four adjustable sitting and reclining positions. The particular highlight of this seat is the recycled outer fabric, which is moisture-absorbent and antibacterial.

‘Niki kid’

The ‘Niki kid’ i-size is suitable for children of 76 to 150 cm in height, even when facing rearwards. This child seat, with its extended size range, has appealing features that include rotation through 360° and keeps the child comfortable with four adjustable seating and reclining positions.

‘Niki next’

The ‘Niki next’ i-size (100 to 150 cm) ensures safe travelling for the final child seat phase. Its features include ability to rotate through 90° in either direction and it includes adjustable seating and reclining positions. “All of our Storchenmühle child car seats have an optimised side impact protection system (SIPS) that can be unfolded on the door side for an additional safety benefit,” explains Managing Director Patrick Osann. “The integral magnetic buckles mean that the belts don't get in the way when placing the young passenger into the seat.”