27/11/2023 – Baby rocker

Multi-purpose baby rocker by „Sleepytroll“

The sensor-controlled multipurpose baby rocker “Sleepytroll” is rechargeable. It attaches securely to strollers, car seats, baby hammocks or cribs and gently soothes babies with its rocking motion.


Thanks to its sensors, “Sleepytroll” automatically rocks off when the baby moves. © Sleepytroll


The device can be attached to stretchers, strollers and much more. © Sleepytroll


The sensors of the “Sleepytroll” can detect sounds and movements – depending on the mode. When activated, “Sleepytroll” automatically starts rocking for three minutes and then returns to sleep monitoring mode. This can also be operated manually. Then the device rocks for 40 minutes before automatically turning off. The rocking can be set at five different intensity levels.

Babies are used to movement from the time they are in the womb and have a natural need for movement long after birth, the company says. “Sleepytroll” restores that rocking sensation and aims to help babies sleep well for a long time in their strollers and cribs. But parents should benefit, too: When the baby is asleep in the rocker, they can devote themselves to household chores, play with siblings or simply relax with a cup of hot coffee.