10/09/2023 – First aid

Littleplan publishes “Buggyplan®”

With “Buggyplan®”, Littleplan combines easy-to-understand first aid instructions for parents with entertainment for the little ones now on the go.


The front pages of the “Buggyplan®” feature child-friendly motifs. © Littleplan


At the back, parents will find understandable instructions for emergency situations. © Littleplan


The front pages of the ten-page “Buggyplan®” baby book contain helpful tips for emergency situations such as swallowing, choking, drowning or falls. There are also tips for the correct behavior if an emergency call has to be made. The backs are adorned with various child-friendly motifs that can help to dispel any boredom that may arise during the ride in the stroller. Thanks to the firm fastener, the “Buggyplan®” can be easily attached to the stroller.

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