14/02/2019 – Fairs&Events

Kids' Time 2019 - the jubilee edition is held already in February

Following the many-year tradition the 10th Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child Kids' Time has been the business-sector’s one-stop-shop in Targi Kielce. Kids' Time is where market leaders from around the world meet. Kielce's exhibition is considered one of the world’s largest trade-shows of this kind. The 10th, jubilee edition promises to be really spectacular.


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The mother and child products and services business sector is booming

The mother and child products and services business sector’s excellent condition is perfectly reflected at the Kielce exhibition. Three expo days, the full-house expo centre with its eight exhibition halls filled with the latest industry developments and achievements. Kids’ Time is one-stop-shop for the world-leading brands, producers and distributors showcased prams and strollers, car seats, toys, furniture, textiles and baby products. Last year's expo was the showcase for over 500 exhibitors. 21 countries were represented by the exhibitors from Belgium, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Russia, the United States, Great Britain and Italy and other countries.

Last year’s expo hosted over 7.500 business-insiders who came to the 19,000 meters plus exhibition in the seven regular expo-halls and a special H pavilion constructed for the purpose. This year’s, the tenth edition of the expo will use as many as 9 expo halls as the showcase for products. Targi Kielce has already received an astounding number of expo registrations, therefore there will be the two additional, mobile expo halls - H and I. The début I expo hall will be the realm of games (both retro and contemporary ones).

Kids' Time international character

The number of foreign exhibitors has been constantly growing. The expo was graced with the presence of the international authorities and foreign delegations. This is a further proof that the Kielce event has excelled to enjoy a strong and stable position among global child-product business sector expos. The expo has advanced to become a focal point for companies - following many year example, the business-sector leaders have already confirmed their presence at the upcoming Kids’ Time. The exhibitors list includes representatives of top brands from Poland and abroad. And there is much more. - Not only is Kids’ Time highly appreciated by the biggest brands. There is probably no better place to make a market début than Kids' Time- says the Project Manager Mrs. Aldona Matla.
The child products and services business sector enjoys access to knowledge pool

This has been the expo tradition to abound with seminars and workshops which feature guests-stars. Foreign press representatives are also present here. The expo celebrates its anniversary, therefore the upcoming edition will feature attractions galore. Companies find the expo a perfect opportunity to meet with representatives of the parenting blogosphere from all corners of Poland, until now there have been 50 bloggers attending the event. They join the expo to become familiar with the latest product offered by child products and services business sector and market best selling products.

The upcoming International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child Kids' Time is held it Targi Kielce from 20 to 22 February 2019.