18/10/2021 – Didymos

Didymos Silky soft

The soft “Double-Face” jersey wrap from Didymos is available with immediate effect in “Teal” and “Copper”.


The “Double-Face” jersey wrap from Didymos offers safety, protection and good support, here in the new Copper colour. © Didymos


Like the previous “Harvest” and “Jeans” colourways, it is made from natural white organic (kbA) cotton with 10% silk. The attractive aspect of this fabric is that the two sides are different: one side is dominated by the natural hue, the other by the coloured cotton. At the same time, the baby is wrapped up in a knitted jersey fabric that is both soft and yet supportive, making it ideal for carrying delicate premature babies, small lightweight infants and children with special needs. The two- and three-layer tying methods are also highly practical, with centre markings making it easier to tie the longer wraps. Thanks to the double-hemmed edges, the wrap will keep its shape even with frequent washing and carrying. At 220 g/m² it is a medium-weight “hybrid” fabric.

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