09/09/2021 – Osann

Child car seat with temperature control

Osann has opened a new chapter in child car seats: patented Klimax technology ensures that young passengers can enjoy comfortably ventilated seats on hot summer days and warm seats in winter.


Osann launches the intelligent “Klimax” range, used in the “Flux Klimax” as well as other models. © Osann


Cooling in summer, warming in winter: an integral sensor measures the temperature on the inside of the child seat. © Osann


Initially there will be three models in this innovative range: the “Flux Klimax” (ECE groups 1/2/3), “Junior Klimax” (ECE groups 2/3) and “Marty Klimax” (ECE groups 2/3). The last of these is brand new to the Osann range. In form and functionality, it closely resembles the “Flux Klimax” but it is designed to be used only from ECE group 2 upwards and can therefore dispense with the integral five-point harness system. The first generation will be available from November 2021. Comfortable temperature, whatever the weather So how does this new technology work? The system is activated by an integral pressure-sensitive plate. When a child sits in it, the temperature in the body of the seat is measured and then automatically regulated. If it is above 30 °C, the system draws the warm air away. Conversely, once the sensor detects a temperature of under 5 °C, the surface of the seat is automatically heated until the temperature on the inside of the seat reaches 20 °C. If no weight on the seat is detected, the system switches off automatically after 30 minutes. It is powered through the car’s own power supply; at 12 V direct current, there is no risk of electrosmog. Improved safety At the same time, with its “Klimax” technology, Osann offers a safety benefit: when it’s frosty outside, the manufacturer says that the heating function makes it unnecessary to wear thick winter coats. These can often obstruct the correct positioning of the belt. And in the summer, automatic cooling means that the windows can stay closed and the children do not need to be exposed to an outside airstream – which all parents will appreciate. With the new comfortable temperatures, young passengers will hopefully stay more contented on long journeys.

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