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25/09/2017 – Car Seats

Atumkid/Nachfolger: Flexible lightweight

Atumkid, based in Vienna, has unveiled the “HY5 Nachfolger” model as the car seat of the future.


The HY5 is an extremely lightweight reboard model. @Atumkid


The HY5 is ideal for on the go: It can be compactly folded away and pumps itself up in the space of just a few minutes. 


The creative minds behind Atumkid are the three industry experts Jörn Clausen, Gerd Mitter and Rainald Keller. Perhaps the most clever aspect of this car seat, which complies with ECE-R 44, is that it is not only suitable in the family car but is just as reliable in any rental car or taxi. This is because the HY5 can go literally anywhere. Fitted with a simple folding mechanism and SAS technology, the seat regains its old shape within around two minutes. 
This innovative product weighs less than 5kg, including the storage bag, and is claimed by the manufacturer to be three times lighter and five times more compact than conventional products. But does the seat have to be swapped for a new model when baby grows into a toddler? Not in the case of the HY5: its flexible fit provides safe travel for children from 0 to five years of age. Not only does the HY5 meet the standards set by German automobile club ADAC and independent German testing institute Stiftung Warentest but it has also asserted itself in a variety of different tests both in Europe and Asia.

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