17/09/2021 – Interior

Adamo: Baby hammock

For 17 years, adamo from Hungary has been developing baby hammocks and children's swings for the home. They are used for very different reasons.


The “adamo Junior” swings are suitable for children up to about five years of age. © adamo


Children love rocking. And parents appreciate how the comforting movement can soothe babies during sleepless nights, for example, or critical growth spurts. The founders of adamo, based in Hungary, experienced this with their young son and seventeen years ago they developed their first baby hammock. Manufactured in natural, high-quality materials, its design means that it can be used with babies and toddlers up to three years of age (or 15 kg). Since it hangs from a single point, the hammock is constantly moving in different directions and babies enjoy the comforting effect. Swings in the “adamo Junior” collection were developed for older children, up to five years of age. The swinging motion helps youngsters to develop their sense of balance and their fine motor skills, whilst training body awareness and assisting with stress management and relaxation by easing internal tension. Above all, though, bigger children can enjoy the playground experience within their own four walls.

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