27/11/2021 – Interview with Cécile Roederer, Gründerin von Smallable

A universe around the family

During the 2020 lockdown, we launched our Online Store of the Week section. One of the most famous in the Family section is Smallable.


In Paris, there are some products in the Smallable Concept Store. © Smallable


© Smallable


baby&junior: Smallable was launched more than ten years ago: what have been the highlights?

Cécile Roederer: Since launching in 2008, Smallable has evolved rapidly, from having collections that are very tailored to babies and toddlers (0-6 years old) to offering more products catered towards teens (12-18 years old), and now finally after several years, we can finally say we are a real family concept store – with our range including home décor for everyone, women’s fashion and beauty. Another important moment was opening our first physical store in Paris in 2015. Moving from being from a purely online concept store to a hybrid model combining e-commerce site and physical points of sale was a milestone. This summer, we completely redesigned and reorganised our stores. Our brand new Family Store and Woman Store opened in Paris in late August.

baby&junior: The family is at the heart of the concept: Who exactly is Smallable aimed at?

Cécile Roederer: Above all, our target audience are those who are passionate about beautiful objects and high-quality, creative products, which have been made with respect for humanity and the environment. We target “families” in the broadest sense of the word. Today, the definition of “family” has evolved - we talk about blended families, bands of friends - all these connections count and we want to satisfy the desires and needs of as large a community as possible, throughout the world whether they live in Europe, Asia or America.

baby&junior: What do you think are the biggest challenges of an online concept store?

Cécile Roederer: To continue to surprise our customers by offering them a sharp selection of ever more creative brands. Also keeping them loyal by providing them with the best end-to-end customer experience and by maintaining a close relationship with them through regular contact via our different channels (social networks, newsletters, magazine, stores, etc).

baby&junior: What are your favorite designers or products?

Cécile Roederer: There are so many that it's hard for me to name just one! I would say for children's fashion, I am a fan of Longlivethequeen, The New Society, Hundred Pieces, Bobo Choses and Caramel. For women's fashion, I love the collections from Ulla Johnson, Laurence Bras, Forte Forte, Araminta James and Monica Cordera – Elise Tsikis and Wolf Circus for jewellery. When it comes to beauty, I love Minois for my children, and Odacité, Susanne Kaufmann and Alaena for me. For design, I love what Ames create, Nanimarquina rugs, Coutume cushions, Camomile London and Communauté de Biens for bedding, Gubi furniture and Hana Karim tableware. Also, Liewood’s collections for children which are always very inspiring. I also can’t forget our wonderful new "Nomad" collection that we have worked on exclusively with Lorena Canals!

baby&junior: A perspective: What does Smallable have in store for the next ten years?

Cécile Roederer: ?We will continue to try to offer our customers the best possible selection and experience both online and in-store. We continue to grow internationally so we need to continue that momentum, especially in the USA, which is our second largest market after France. We also have big ambitions and encouraging growth around the world in Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Our And then there are our own brands that we’ve created in-house: Hundred Pieces is today among one of our most popular children's fashion brands and we are launching new ones this year. Watch this space!

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