18/01/2024 – Guest report Louise Byg Kongsholm, Direktorin von pej gruppen

Trends for summer 2024

What trends can we expect in summer 2024? The Danish trend agency pej gruppen has worked this out on the basis of four topics. In this guest article, Louise Byg Kongsholm, director of pej gruppen, explains the most important things to know for the infant and toddler group.


Stripes & checks, bast fibers and fringes, and organic patterns are some keywords for the trend theme "Siesa Seekers". © Claudia Cabrero


Anti-perfectionists value balance, imperfection, and authenticity as a path to inner and outer peace. © Five OH Five

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Anti-Perfectionists reject societal pressures for a polished existence, instead valuing balance, imperfection, and authenticity as a path to inner and outer peace. Embracing the transient nature of life, they revel in the incomplete, impermanent, and ever-evolving aspects of existence, seeking inspiration from our primitive ancestors' lives in a capricious environment. In their world, beauty is invested time, found in the deep relationships between like-minded individuals, and seen in design aesthetics that embrace patina and intentional decay. Anti-Perfectionists appreciate products aged by time, revealing a life lived and resisting improvements that erase historical traces. Sustainability and residual materials are central to their design process, contrasting with polished, perfect aesthetics. Details remain unfinished, alternative styles are celebrated, stitches in knitwear run free, and loose ends are left unfastened, marking their unique style.

Siesta Seekers are redefining values and daily life in the face of new opportunities and constraints. Embracing a hedonistic philosophy and desire for freedom, they adopt a digital nomad lifestyle, breaking free from conventional structures. Their work, like all aspects of their lives, is enjoyable and adaptable, fitting into the rhythm of their day. Inspired by the Southern siesta, they strive for seamless transitions between work, leisure, self-growth, and social life. This break time isn't just for rest, but also for exploration, cultural experiences, and inspiration. It's a pause from obligation and a structured existence. They prioritize pleasure in everything they interact with, including consumables, attire, and accessories like spacious bags and functional tech gear. These support the diverse flow of their day, potentially filled with work, surfing, socializing, and more. As highly sentient individuals, they integrate sounds and scents into their daily rituals, favoring locally crafted designs with global narratives. They cultivate inspiration from other cultures, maintaining their global presence and free, pleasure-seeking lifestyle.

Dimension Dreamers, optimists at heart, seamlessly blend the physical and virtual worlds, drawing inspiration from the metaverse for self-expression and identity development. Amid a physically fragmented world with diverging beliefs, they seek a realm that unites individuals and transcends boundaries. They're attracted to the pastel landscapes and dreamy 3D architecture of the metaverse, where physical laws don't apply, and inside-outside distinctions blur. They aim to transpose this limitless experience from the metaverse to reality, viewing themselves as boundless individuals in a boundless world. They favor streamlined, frictionless designs, with sci-fi-inspired elements pointing to an extra dimension, and unconventional decor placements that create monochrome color associations. For Dimension Dreamers, digital opportunities are not an escape but an added dimension and an endless inspiration source for limitless living. They see themselves as free, graceful beings, traversing pastel universes across digital and physical platforms where 'the sky is the limit'.

Digital play Decorators, with their robust creativity, unique abilities, and sharp aesthetic sense, continuously observe and absorb the world, always spotting opportunities for improvement and innovation. Striving for a better world, they actively refine and enhance their surroundings by incorporating new, unique details. Decorators enrich the original design by adding decorative elements to materials, surfaces, and textiles, focusing on individual styles and elements rather than entire collections or spaces. This approach imbues each piece with creativity and novelty. Their strategy involves rethinking, refining, and adding value to both old and new designs. Every material and craftsmanship technique are utilized, with an emphasis on recycling surplus materials. Once reinvigorated with a new aesthetic, existing designs become desirable once more. The classic is elevated, the minimal gains new dimensions, and the practical is refined. Decorators mix fine and coarse textiles with other materials like pen and paint, scraps, surplus materials of various colors and qualities, and embellishments such as beads, string, yarn, all of which can add unique details. Despite their skills, Decorators aren't self-indulgent. They appreciate designs that incorporate unexpected or humorous elements. Keywords: • Creativity • Animals • Quirky details • Play with decoration • Figures • Crafts