21/07/2016 – kleine fabriek

Successful Summer Edition

The new summer format of MARKET by kleine fabriek and Modefabriek’s ‘More Than Mode’ – which took place together for the first time – was positive received.


The new concept was very successful. (photo: Raf Gorissen)


National and international visitors had access to both events and this turned out well for everyone: interesting new prospects for exhibitors and a lot of inspiration and access to, for example, the MF Talks for Market by kleine fabriek visitors. For others, such as buyers from warehouses and concept stores, there was the additional advantage that they could now do their job in one weekend.
At MARKET, the new circular, open and accessible structure did its work. Children’s fashion is an adult discipline, and that was visible at MARKET with its basic, industrial structure designed for doing pleasant business. Fewer walls and no compelling paths meant more focus on the product and more traffic for everyone, from the large, well-known brands to the small débutantes. Everyone was seen and everyone belonged.

Between viewing collections and discovering new labels, everyone in the profession from young talent to the experienced fashion professional sat side by side in ‘class’. Because: knowledge is the new black! Along with the well-attended MF Talks, the first edition of the SUMMER SCHOOL also proved very popular.
One of the two-hour master classes was given by David Shah, CEO View Publishers, who, among other things, shone a light on the future of fashion design, both in retail and trade shows. “I don’t see trade shows dying out,” he argued, pointing to all the changes in the market, “but they really have to change their formula, as we move from a culture of designing stuff to designing experiences.”

The creation of an experience is one of the most important trends in fashion and retail, and that is what you saw at Modefabriek. It was an interesting mash-up of designer labels and big brands, interesting co-ops and ‘tribes’ around specific brands and shops, buzzing tattoo needles, DJs and live performances from rapper to singer/songwriter, expos and many new on-the-spot shopping opportunities. 

The combination of Modefabriek with MARKET by kleine fabriek appears to have been a successful move for all parties involved. Given the size of the area necessary to stage both events simultaneously, there is no suitable location available in January on an appropriate date. The winter 2017 edition of both events will therefore take place on separate weekends, as previously, and MARKET by kleine fabriek and Modefabriek will come together once again in summer at RAI Amsterdam.