08/10/2015 – New products

Peg-Pérego: Cross country

In October 2015 the Book pram series is welcoming a new addition to its ranks.


The Book Cross buggy from Peg-Pérego is ideal for active families who love walks in the woods and the great outdoors. Three large soft-ride grooved tyres with eight ball bear ings cushion any humps and bumps along the way, ensuring baby has a comfortable ride. The front wheel can either be set in a swivel or fixed position.
Being part of the Book family, the buggy can be combined with the Modular set, comprising a carrycot, infant carrier and changing bag, either in the Pop-Up or XL models. This means that the compact, fold-away Book Cross can be used from birth. The buggy comes in six different designs. In 2016, the other Book models will be relaunched in new colours

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