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18/01/2017 – Fairs&Events

Kids' Time: Already a full house

This year's International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS' TIME will certainly break its last year's, spectacular records.


The companies that have registered for the exhibition will use all the seven expo halls of the Kielce exhibition and - congress centre! KIDS' TIME 2017 is held from 23 to 25 February in Targi Kielce. 
KIDS' TIME is much-awaited event by child-products business sector - merchants, manufacturers and distributors of, inter alia: prams and strollers, car seats, toys, textiles, clothing or furniture. Not only is KIDS' TIME Central and Eastern Europe's greatest business sector expo of this kind; KIDS' TIME is also the Old Continent's most rapidly developing event. Every consecutive expo proves its considerable and always increasing prestige and significance; KIDS' TIME is ranked among global leaders. KIDS' TIME brings together market entrants as well as the world's biggest brands. This is a purely B2B expo, where customers are not admitted. Exhibition welcomes entrepreneurs and business people from the child products and services business sector. 
The stage for grand première-presentations 
For year Kielce expo has been known as the business-sector's trend-setter. This is where dozens of products for children and parents make their début. KIDS' TIME STAR is the expo's long-standing tradition - the industry experts and insiders choose the best products in the six categories: prams and strollers, car seats and restrainers, toys for children aged 0-3, toys for children over 3, clothes and textiles as well as other products for children.

The world's biggest brands organise spectacular products launches at the expo stands. This attracts visitors from all corners of the world to come and visit KIDS' TIME. 2016's Targi Kielce's expo attracted 5.5 thousand visitors from 43 countries, including: Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Turkey, Oman, Egypt, Iran and China. 
Marko has announced to showcase novelties galore at this year's expo. Marko will put on show a new brand of car-seats as well as two well known pram and stroller brands; the latter in combination with the BeSafe seats meet the EN 1888 requirements. Whisbear - last year's KIDS' TIME STAR laureate puts product development high on the priorities list. The expo will be a chance to see a prototype of a new, humming toy which utilises state-of-the-art technologies. SCANDINAVIAN BABY will show spring Elodie Details collection which includes several completely new products. There will also be a première presentation of a limited collection of ergonomic baby carriers and BabyBjörn bouncers. 
Specialists' meeting platform

KIDS' TIME, in addition to innovative products also offers business-insiders meetings. Every year the exhibition is complemented wit a whole array of panel discussions and workshops which feature this business-sector's leading authorities. KIDS' TIME hosted Maria Costa PhD of the Spanish AIJU Institute (European Institute of Children's Products and Leisure) and Reyne Rice - a keynote speaker from New York, one of the world's most acclaimed specialists and researchers in toy market's trends. According to the organisers, the upcoming KIDS' TIME will also abound with workshops, seminars and conferences galore. Specialists will discuss global trends in the toys and baby products markets, customer service techniques, the latest market developments and issues related online stores' logistics. Lectures will be delivered by the best experts from home and abroad. 
Last year's expo was the showcase for 415 companies from 16 countries of all corners of the world. There were expo stands of companies from Austria, Belgium, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Spain, the Netherlands, Latvia, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA, Great Britain and Italy. KIDS' TIME 2016 used the 7 expo halls; 14,500 square metres of the exhibition space was the showcase for products and services. According to all indications, last year's records will be beaten again!