01/10/2021 – The ARkid Cloud: Augmented Reality for Everyone

Ad - Guest report from Stefan Eipeltauer

In online retail, we are facing a paradigm shift: spatial product display. It is fundamentally changing the consumer experience. In this guest article, Stefan Eipeltauer explains the principle of ARkid Cloud.


Try it for yourself: The ARkid product configurator with the TFK mono kombi. © Fokus Kind Medien


With their smartphone, users can realistically place products such as strollers in the room at their home. © Fokus Kind Medien

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Whether you manufacture baby products or run a web store: The competitive pressure is high. And in online retail we are facing a paradigm shift: spatial product presentation is fundamentally changing the customer experience. Augmented Reality (AR), for example, creates digital 3D visualisations of prams or baby cots that users can realistically place in their homes with their smartphones. Clearly, for today's parents, online product information is the precursor to a purchase, no matter whether that purchase is made online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Will the stroller fit in my trunk when folded? Can the door guard also be used for the wider patio door? How do I assemble the crib? All this can be explained in a more consumer-friendly way with the help of 3D imagery. Studies in recent years clearly show that three-dimensional product representations anchor themselves more deeply in the memory and significantly increase consumers' willingness to buy. Brands and retailers who want to continue to be successful must therefore get to grips with the modern visualisation of their products before their competitors.

The ARkid Cloud as an interface from brand to retailer

The next step in leveraging this technology is to connect manufacturers and retailers with the all-new ARkid Cloud. How does this work? Quite simply: ARkid Cloud is a digital catalog of 3D and AR models that can be integrated into any web store using the ARkid Viewer and ARkid Product Configurator.

 This allows brands to create 3D and AR models of their products, upload them to the cloud and host them globally for fast deployment. The models can then be made available to the ARkid store network on demand: Retailers conveniently select products from this digital library and add them to their web store. All this without much prior technical knowledge.

 The ARkid Cloud already offers models from established brands such as Ergobaby, TFK, myJunior, Chicco, Leander, reer, Axkid and several more. Well-known retailers such as Kind der Stadt or yaaBaby are already successfully using the cloud solution.

ARkid Cloud for brands

- Explain your products: The better the customer understands your product, the more likely they are to buy it. Showcase different colors,

  accessories and functionalities interactively.

 - An investment that pays off: AR models are much more than fancy nice-to-haves - they save enormous resources in the production of content

  such as product photos or videos.

 - Get listed: Retailers are increasingly looking for brands with AR material - be one of them.

The ARkid Cloud for retailers

- Stand out: Gain a technological edge and increase the turnover of your webshop.

 - Avoid returns: Customers can preview products at home and check out if they meet their expectations.

 - Easy integration: The viewer can be designed in the branding of your shop and is easy to integrate.


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